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14 septembre 2010

Pour demain

WDO.TO .Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. (WDO.TO) 2.47
AZX.V Alexandria Minerals Corp. (AZX.V) 0.20
AEI.TO Arsenal Energy Inc. (AEI.TO) 0.82
CAS.TO Cascades, Inc. (CAS.TO) 6.62
CGG.TO China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. (CGG.TO) 4.40
CRIC China Real Estate Information Corporation (CRIC) 8.13
CRAY Cray, Inc. (CRAY) 5.99
CXT.V Creso Exploration Inc. (CXT.V) 0.94
GSAT Globalstar Inc. (GSAT) 1.68
GSC.TO Golden Star Resources Ltd. (GSC.TO) 5.12
JAG.TO Jaguar Mining Inc. (JAG.TO) 6.86
MDS.TO MDS, Inc. (MDS.TO) 10.35
PSUN Pacific Sunwear of California, Inc. (PSUN) 4.40
SEM Select Medical Holdings Corp. (SEM) 7.78
UXG U S Gold (UXG) 5.26

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