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16 novembre 2010

Pour demain / For tomorrow

IMOS ChipMOS Technologies Ltd. (IMOS) 1.37 +0.07 +5.38%
CMB.V CMC Metals Ltd. (CMB.V) 0.25 +0.02 +6.25%
MVN.V Madalena Ventures Inc. (MVN.V) 0.65 +0.06 +10.17%
NEWN New Energy Systems Group (NEWN) 7.63 +0.41 +5.68%
PDLI PDL BioPharma Inc. (PDLI) 5.59 +0.18 +3.33%
ROI.V Route1 Inc. (ROI.V) 0.26 +0.01 +6.12%
STB.TO Student Transportation of America Ltd. (STB.TO) 5.74 +0.01 +0.17%
T.TO TELUS Corp. (T.TO) 45.74 +0.68 +1.51%

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