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19 février 2011

BOOM 2 and infringement....

Ok, it is just what I think, but it remains that it is a questionnable practice that a reporter would published as its own a post I published here a week ago, and which as had a lot of on-lookers. Take the credit, Mr LaMonica, and here is another one you should perhaps infringe too...

Last year (!), I created this chart to represent what is really a bubble. Back then, it was normal trading for the tech index, which I compared to the Oil and Gold indices supposedly bubble-ing. I have just updated it, as the Nasdaq is now on the verge of crossing the limit set for getting a bubble label.

Most importantly, look at the angle for the recent months: It replicates almost perfectly 1998's.

Now, from examining Nasdaq's monthly chart, it is evident that it will move into bubble territory very soon.

Seriously, Mr LaMonica, techs will bubble again... And you will probably NOT re-publish my work this time around because it just might burst your bubble.

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